All started in 1988 with cooperative “SALMO”, specializing in fishing accessories wholesale. Today company has grown continually presently consisting of various enterprises in 8 countries. SALMO Group develops products, operate wholesale business, and runs retail shop chain in Baltic States. Trades have expanded significantly and at the moment Group’s products are available in more than 25 different countries. SALMO Group has become influential player in fishing tackle business in East, North Europe and Asia.

Company’s assortment consists of fishing tackle for different fishing types, including summer and winter seasons, ice drills, clothing and outdoor goods will make you enjoy your fishing and leisure experience without any worries about weather conditions.


Norfin specializes in outdoor clothing and footwear. The products are designed with anglers and fishermen in mind. With countless years of experience, Norfin prides itself on providing premier outdoor products; especially those related to fishing.

Since it’s inception, the company has strived to provide the best product, guaranteeing comfort and a modern look in all of its products. The products are developed by professionals, with the involvement and advice of serious anglers across the globe. Norfin uses the latest and greatest materials to ensure its customers are using the best product. The Norfin brand is based out of Europe. It is a top choice for outdoorsman across the world, especially in countries with severe climates.


Lucky John is a fishing brand specializing in a high quality lures and accessories. The company humble beginnings as it started as a hobby. Since inception, it’s found its place as a successful business in the fishing industry. The company began in 1988 when Mr. Janis Stikuts - a championed fisherman of Latvia and the Baltic States - had the inspiration to develop quality lures for all fishermen. He worked with other fishing enthusiasts to create high quality spinners and crankbaits, which were a rarity at the time. Lucky John started small, with a limited range of products, but have since expanded their line to include countless lures and fishing accessories.

Feeder Concept

Feeder Concept is full feeder fishing tackle manufacturer. We have more than 20 years of continuous product development and testing experience. The product line consists of more than 500 high quality products. Our products are developed by professionals with the help of serious anglers. Feeder Concept products uses the highest quality materials and latest designs, to ensure an angler is provided with TOP QUALITY fishing tackle for unforgetable fishing experience.

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